Clean Reflects On You!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is your Express Key and How does it work?

A. Express Key is a high security cashless system that uses preprogrammed keys to operate the car wash equipment we offer. By buy an Express Key you eliminate the need to carry cash to wash your vehicle. The express key electronically stores money on it's microchip. Simply load you key and insert it into any keyport.

Q. How often should my car be cleaned?

A. You should wash your vehicle at least once a week to protect you vehicles surface.

Q. Will your wash scratch my car?

A. No not at all. Our wash process is safe and touchless. Your car goes through many stages of washing and rinsing to remove any road grim and dirt. Nothing but water will touch your vehicle.

Q. Isn't it better to wash at home in my driveway?

A. No, if fact when washing at home all of your dirt and detergents, oils go directly to the storm sewer which ends up in the river "untreated" causing pollution. Also a running hose will use much more water then our wash would use. Using your local car wash helps you protect the environment.

Q. Is car washing safe for the environment?

A. Absolutely, if done at a profession car wash. All of our soaps and waxes are biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. In fact, it is much safer for the environment to wash your car at a professional car Wash. We control the flow rate and water pressure and use far less water per car then washing at home. Our water is also sent directly to the water treatment plant.

Q. Do you use reclaimed or recycled water?

A. No, we use only fresh, softened, hot water.

Q. How can I avoid frozen doors in the winter time?

A. We offer a air dryer system in our coin bays. Use this to blow the water out and around your door frames and locks after washing.

Q. Can I get change at your site?

A. Yes, we have a bill changer coin dispenser in our vending area. This machine accepts $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills.